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Good Clinical Practice (GCP) describes the standards which govern research and It is compulsory to complete GCP training before performing any form of research. The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has a section on GCP on their website and provide free online training and certificate. You first need to register for a Learning Account.

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PLAN to Improve Quality (PLAN-IQ)

Quality improvement, improvement science, the PDSA cycle, driver diagrams, primary/ secondary/ outcome/ balancing measures, run charts, quality indicators, performance polygons…

What’s it all about?

‘Quality improvement’ is rapidly gaining prominence as a distinct process in healthcare. Closely affiliated to audit, it is concerned with the implementation and ongoing assessment of one or more changes to a system in order to bring about improved performance and/or outcomes.

‘Improvement science’ as a discipline is well described in its application to industry and many of the approaches and tools used are transferrable to healthcare.

Listed below are a number of open-access resources to help navigate your way through this exciting and rewarding field, however there is no substitute for hands-on experience. PLAN aims to support London anaesthetic trainees interested in getting involved by helping to co-ordinate quality improvement projects, sharing ideas and resources, and offering opportunities to present results at regional and national meetings.

Publications / Articles:

Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia

BMJ Quality - ‘Knowledge for Improvement’ open access supplement

NHS IQ - First steps towards quality improvement: a simple guide to improving services

The Health Foundation - Quality Improvement Made Simple

The Health Foundation - 12 tips for measuring improvement

Quality Improvement - the way we see it

Implementation Science - The behaviour change wheel


NHS Improving Quality

Improvement Science London

BMJ Quality

NHS England - Quality improvement and clinical leadership

The Health Foundation

Patient Safety First campaign

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Other useful resources:

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