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Intraoperative Hypotension in the Elder Patient (iHypE): an observational study of intraoperative hypotension in patients aged over 65 in UK hospitals

What is iHypE?
iHypE (Intraoperative Hypotension in the Elder Patient) is a national snapshot observational study of intraoperative hypotension in in patients aged ≥65 years having surgery under general or regional anaesthesia. The project was run regionally by PLAN as part of a RAFT-endorsed national study. iHypE was developed as a follow-up to the inaugural PLAN project, QUINCE, and has received support and funding from the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia alongside adoption to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio.

Why is it being done?
Intraoperative hypotension (IOH) is associated with a range of adverse outcomes in older patients, including stroke, myocardial injury, acute kidney injury and mortality measured at 30 days and 12 months. Current evidence suggests that the risk of harm increases with prolonged duration and increased magnitude of intraoperative hypotension. The primary aim of this research is to describe the prevalence of documented IOH, including the minimum intraoperative blood pressure and length of time spent at this pressure, in patients aged 65 years old or greater, in the UK.
Secondary aims are to determine routinely applied treatment thresholds, both clinically applied (observed from anaesthetic records) and stated (from a clinician survey), and to highlight outcomes associated with IOH in.

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Status: Published

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iHypE National leads

Dr Alex Wickham
Dr David Highton
Dr Dan Martin
On behalf of RAFT

iHypE PLAN leads

Dr Sioned Phillips
Dr Harriet Kemp
Dr Clare Morkane
Dr Queenie Lo
Dr James O'Carroll
Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly

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