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A Retrospective Evaluation of Post-operative Alternatives to Critical Care (REPACC)

PLAN are currently running a national research project, called the REPACC study, and we are looking for enthusiastic trainees to help lead the project at a local level!

Study overview

REPACC is a project investigating the provision and delivery of enhanced care, a model of care that lies somewhere between HDU and normal wards, such as overnight intensive recovery and post anaesthetic care units (OIR/PACU). The hope is to use this data to make enhanced care services more efficient, reduce pressure on critical care beds, and prevent unnecessary surgical cancellations.

How to get involved

We are collaborating with several trainee research networks around the UK to recruit a national body of investigators. At each site we will need a trainee lead, trainee investigators, and a consultant supervisor. Local teams will complete a survey describing the structure of enhance care at their organisation. They will also perform a retrospective analysis to quantify the rates of on the day cancellation, alongside several other measures of organisational efficiency, amongst patients referred for postoperative enhanced and critical care.

All participants will receive the following for their involvement:

  • Recognition as a collaborative author on all future publications
  • A certificate for their professional portfolio that can contribute to both research and quality improvement domains
  • Fulfilment of the “yearly audit” training requirement
  • A chance to influence future practice in a field that is rapidly evolving in anaesthesia and critical care
  • Participants can expect the following time commitment which may be redeemed as educational development time:
    • Trainee lead - 3-4 full days with some additional time spent emailing and coordinating
    • Trainee investigators - 1-2 full days of data collection
    • Consultant supervisor - minimal supervisory requirements

Express your interest now

Check out our Site Map to see if a team has already begun data collection at your hospital.

  • If so, and you are interested in getting involved, please contact your local team in the first instance.
    • If a local team has not been established, or if would like some more information, please get in touch with the study team directly via and copy in your regional representative (contact details also on the site map).

Study documents

Click HERE to download all study documents


Chief Investigator

Dr Christopher Oddy

Consultant Leads

Dr Henry Lewith
Dr Paolo Perella
Dr Danny Wong

Trainee Members

Dr Mark Burnett
Dr Sarah Towey
Dr Thomas Davies
Dr Adam Green
Dr Olivia Bools
Dr Joseph Kennedy
Dr Dominic Lowcock
Dr Gareth Davey

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